Welcome to John Medhurst’s Business page.

Eur.Ing Dr John S Medhurst, C.Eng., C.Mar.Eng, FIMarEST, FRINA, FCMS, MSNAME, MIMechE, FCIArb, C.Arb.

This page is not intended as a marketing platform. It is a point of contact and information source.


My core business these days is as a maritime and commercial arbitrator, and occasional expert witness. My base is in London, as a Consultant to Newman Giles Paines & Co. Ltd. and details, including a short CV, will be found on their website at www.N-G-P.co.uk. I live in Rye, East Sussex and also have a home in New Zealand.

I no longer carry out project work in the railway sector, but I am happy to give advice on discrete topics within my areas of railway expertise (stations, vertical transportation, training and risk assessment). I am also happy to act as an arbitrator or expert witness on these topics.

I don’t do Social Media, although I do have a presence on LinkedIn.

If you want to contact me direct, please send an e-mail to john@quaylane.com

Quaylane Consulting Ltd., 44A Ferry Road, Rye, East Sussex. Incorporated in England and Wales No. 3002469.